Finalists 20/21

Welcome Our Contestants for 20/21 Miss Bikini Ireland

Name : Shannon  

Age : 21

County : Kilkenny 

Hobbies : Going to the gym, running and I love learning about history and crime documentaries 

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Name: Kasia

County/City: Limerick 


Hobbies: Photography but in taking the pictures and being the one photographed. Going on adventures but drives and walks with friends and family

Name Shauna Coughlan 

County or City: Meath/Bettystown 

Age 29

Hobbies pole fitness

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Name: Kotryna

City: Dublin 

Age: 20

Hobbies: gym, travelling, music and beauty.

Name: Kerrie

County: Naas Co. Kildare 

Age: 29 

Hobbies: Horses , Gym , Modelling 

Name: Caitlin

County : Arklow County Wicklow
Age: 18

Height: 5’5/ 5’6
Hobbies: currently studying in college to be a health care assistant but also have a passion for fashion and modelling! I am a very bubbly person and love to be in front of the camera. I  love spending quality time with family and working out with my mam!. I love fashion styling, cooking and taking pictures, Donating whenever I can  for charity’s such as focus Ireland is a main priority to me and has a very special place in my heart. I also love to relax and read in my spare time with a cup of tea!.

Name: Olivia

County: Ennis, Co.Clare

Age: 20 

Hobbies: I like reading, going to the  gym, healthy eating is also very important to me, modelling and law are also two of my biggest hobbies as I am a Law and Tax final year student  hoping to become a solicitor in the near future.

Name: Melissa

Age: 21

County: Wexford 

Hobbies: Make up, Cars , Hurling and gym also love singing and playing the keyboard 

Sponsor: Alan Wilson personal trainer also known as lifestyle fitness.

Name: Corraigh

County: Co.Down

Age: 28

Hobbies: Gym, Reading and outdoor activities 

Name: Kayleigh

County: Waterford 

Age: 33

Hobbies: Pole fitness, running, socializing, traveling 

Name: Jodie

City: Dublin

Age: 19

Hobbies: Working out, Dancing and reading.

Name: Jasmine

County: Kildare

Age: 22

Hobbies: Going to the gym and socialising with friends

Name: Michelle

County: Dublin 

Age: 17 

Hobbies: Pole dancing , Working out , Doing photoshoots , Doing nails , Reading 

Name : Hannah

Age : 30

County : Dublin

Hobbies: I love to exercise, hang out with friends, sing and help charities

Name: Raminta

County: Dublin

Age: 29

Hobbies: My hobby its make girls beautiful

Name: Paula Jane

County: Dublin

Age: 21

Hobbies : modelling, reading , volunteering, spending time with my family & friends, traveling often and learning new skills/ gaining experience/ bettering myself. Okami  email:

Name: Kayleigh

County: County Waterford 

Age: 19

Hobbies: Doing nails

Name: Jodie

County: Dublin

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Yoga, Running, Reading, Writing, Drawing, Photography

Name: Shannon

County: Co.Wicklow

Age: 25

Hobbies: training/producing young horses, animal rescue, outdoor hiking, dog grooming, baking and the occasional car karaoke! Sponsor: Cormac Cogan Plant Sales and Hire Ltd

Name Danielle

Country Dublin

Age 30

Hobbies: I love to lift weights and always do running as part of my day routine I’m very active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle i also like to travel and explore different places i love dancing and I’m studying to be a personal trainer as I’m addicted to fitness industry

Name: Diana Estrada

Age: 35

County: Dublin

Hobbies: passionate about the  fitness  industry.
Love travelling, discovering new cultures.
Meeting new people and spending fun quality time with my child

Name: Selloane

Age 24

County: Born in Lesotho raised in South Africa Living in Ireland

Hobbies mountain hiking ,clumping ,gym ,cooking and reading

Name : Maire  


County : Sligo 

Hobbies : Dancing and Singing Sent from my iPhone

Name: Carly


County: Dublin 

Hobbies: going to the gym, music, singing, family time 

Name: Ciara

Age: 20

County: Kerry 

Hobbies: going to the gym and weightlifting, cooking, singing, playing guitar, fashion, cosmetics

Name: Alannah

Age: 20

County: Westmeath

Hobbies: makeup / spending quality time with my family and friends / modelling

Name: Megan

Age: 22 

County: Clonmel, co Tipperary

Hobbies: cooking, baking, art, makeup, watching medical and true crime shows. I enjoy photography in my spare time

Name: Marcella

Age: 36

County: Dublin

Hobbies gym / working out 

Name:   Afrodita

Age: 37

County: Dublin 

Hobbies: Fashion I like to create new looks, walking and spending time with a metal detector and I like to fix watches. I also like sports, draw and read modern scientific literature.

Name: Kennedy 


County: Co Down

Hobbies: Horse riding and fashion 

Name: Melissa

Age: 22

County: Antrim 

Hobbies : I love walking my dog on adventurous walks , working out through dance and polercise, socialising with friends and I am always caring about the environment in and through everything I do

Name: Daniela

Age: 26

County :Dublin

Hobbies: Dancing, Reading , cooking, modelling

Name: Harianna

Age: 30

County: Dublin 
Hobbies: My great passion is to design and create clothes, I love everything related to the world beauty industry, travelling and getting to know others cultures, people, their food, their music, like outdoor sport, spending time with family and friends, love cooking, love dancing a lot and now singing is one of my biggest hobby

Name: Zara

Age :21

County : Wexford Ireland

Hobbies: gymnastics and gym and photo shoots

Name: Karen

Age: 22

Country: Ireland

Hobbies:- health and fitness – piano – singing 

Name: Ciara

Age: 20

County: Westmeath

Hobbies: I love going to the gym 

Name Stacey
Age 19 

County: limerick 

Height: 5.3 

Hobbies: gym, writing poems, photography, rugby, singing

Name: Hulya

Age: 21 County: Dublin

Hobbies: Modelling, socialising, keeping up with my fitness by doing gym/home workouts and eating healthy. I’m currently starting a new course in Medicines Counter Assistant. I’ve always wanted to help the sick and elderly! Going for long walks at the park, collecting make up, reading, art, cooking and I love to travel.

Name Megan Lynch 

Age: 22

County: Louth 

Hobbies: Reading, Listening to music, going to the gym, volunteering, travelling

Name: Alex

Age: 22

County: Wexford

Hobbies: I am studying physics for modern technology in college at the moment, fitness is also my passion and I love going to the gym as well as running, modelling, fashion, beauty and travelling.

Sponsor: Predator Fitness, Wexford @predatorfitness_ on Instagram

Name: Katie

Age: 20

County: Dublin

Hobbies: I am a film studies student and I love cooking, art and anything nerdy! 

Name: Saoirse

 Age: 27 

County: Wexford 

Hobbies: I love going to the gym, spending time with friends and family, reading and modelling

Name: Antonella

County: Dublin 

Age: 31

Hobbies: Sports,TikTok,Painting,Cooking #

Name:  Katie

County/City:  Dublin

Age:  29

Hobbies:  Gardening

Name: Laura

County or City: Galway

Age: 23

Hobbies: Going for long walks, gym and listening to music.

Sponsor or Sponsors: Platinum tanning studio

Name: Maria

Age: 22 years old

County:  Originally from Co.Wexford living in Dublin

Hobbies: pole dancing, customizing clothes, drawing, modelling

Name: Saliya Petrova

Age: 19 

County: Co.Kildare 

Hobbies: Dancing, Reading, Traveling

Name is Celby


County Waterford

My hobbies consist of going to the gym, I love to lift weights and often enjoy mixing this up with jogs or martial arts for cardio. I love to travel, my dream is to be be able to travel from country to country. I aspire to do this after I graduate, I hope to set up online training/life couch for my clients allowing me to have free reign and work on the go. I have always wanted to be my own boss and live life on my own terms. Since Miss Bikini Ireland, I have a grown passionate about modelling and in general just looking after myself to the best of my ability. Photoshoots are fun but hard work! You know what they say if you enjoy what you do you will never work in a day in your life. I hope to take modelling further and hopefully make it into a career a long side being a life coach. On my down time I like nothing more but to sit down with a cup of coffee and get stuck into a book.

Name: Sophie

Age: 23

County: Dublin
Hobbies : my hobbies would be going to the gym and getting fit and healthy , I also love going to the beach at night for late night walks as it gives the mind a healthy mind set which is very important!

Name: Asta

Age: 35

County: Meath

I am passionate about fitness and nutrition. I would be in the gym 24-7 if I could .I love traveling and learning about different cultures. Love reading books, I am interested in Humans Phycology and how humans mind works.

Name: beth

 City: kildare 

Age: 20

Hobbies: reading, walking , dance, swimming 

Name: Vicky

County: Cork

Age: 17 

Hobbies: Going to the gym, horse riding, playing the piano, singing, dog training, modelling, traveling and gaining new experiences

Name: Jodie Perry

Height: 5’4”


My favourite hobbies are being physically active and I love to spend a lot of my free time outdoors; whether it be running, walking or riding racehorses.

I am very passionate about keeping a healthy daily routine and make sure I take care of myself (mind and body) – I think that is really important. So being in the gym, working out and swimming I love to do a lot. I also enjoy socialising, meeting new people, going out for dinner. And dancing!! I love, love dancing.

As well as that my daughter keeps me very much on my toes, running here, there and everywhere to make sure she is kept happy. Keeping her smiling would have to be my most favourite hobby yet.

Name: Noelle

Age: 28

County: Westmeath
Hobbies:  The gym, reading and healthcare 

Name Chloe

Age 21 

Country Kildare

Hobbies  makeup, music, cleaning , family time 

Name: Chloe

Age: 24
County: Dublin 

Hobbies:  I am a business graduate student, I love going the gym, I love dancing I used to be in disco freestyle dancing I only recently finished in the last year or two, listening to music and i enjoy meeting up with my friends 
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Name : Britney  


County: Dublin 

Hobbies: I love doing nails and socialising with friends. Weirdly I love college and like going to work.

Name: Angelika

Age: 22

County: Dublin

Hobbies: I am a Beauty therapist and I enjoy spending my time doing all things beauty. I have an interest in fashion, movies, music and exercising.

Name: Natasha

Age: 23

County: Limerick 

Hobbies: Mindset motivation, positive lifestyle, recently qualified personal trainer & gym instructor. Goal: help people change there mindset before changing there body’s, the body achieves what the mind believes. 

Name: Tara

County: Kilkenny

Hobbies: Dancing going to the gym and making memories with my daughter  

Name: Shannen  

Age: 25

County: Wicklow 

Hobbies: gym, hiking & pole fitness 

Name: Audrey

Age: 32

County: Wexford

Hobbies: I love being outdoors whether it’s a long walk on the beach or hiking up a mountain! I have a passion for health and fitness. I travel a lot and would visit every inch of the earth if I could. I work in the motor industry so also have an interest in cars!

Name: Blaithin Byrne

Age: 22

County: Kildare

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Makeup, Fashion, Hair, and all things girly!

Name Becky

Age 23

Location Wicklow

Hobbies weightlifting, travelling and reading

Name: Tamara

 Age: 25 

County: Westmeath 

Hobbies. Gym, boxing, pole fitness and singing.